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50 Cent Clowns Ja Rule For His Recent Run In with IRS

Fif is back at it again. Then again he never stopped.

50 Cent took to Instagram earlier to give his insight on Ja Rule latest misfortune. It was recently reported that the “Always on Time” rapper had a run in with the Internal Revenue Service, a.k.a. the IRS. He currently owes $2 million in back taxes.

It did not take long for 50 to troll his long-time enemy, Ja Rule. Of course, we all saw this moment of comedic relief coming from the G-Unit honcho.

50 captions the picture, “LOL come on I know he not that bright but damn.”

When it comes to shade, 50 take the cake, especially when Ja Rule is on the receiving end of it. Lately, the Power producer recently has been going back and forth with Teairra Mari. The Love & Hip-Hop cast member released a diss track, “I ain’t Got It” against Fif. In true 50 Cent fashion, he quickly trademarked the phrase, put it on a t-shirt and is now collecting profit from sales of the shirt. Talk about king petty.

The saga continues with the everlasting feud between the two New York rappers. While Ja Rule, celebrates his 18 year wedding anniversary in Thailand, this news is sure to put a dark cloud over his vacation.


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