Custom beats

Do you have an idea for a song but can’t find the appropriate instrumental for it? Maybe you are looking for a certain vibe or want to recreate another beat you heard, whatever it is we can help your idea come to life! Contact me on Instagram or through e-mail at with details & […]

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Membership program

  If you are the type of artist that wants a variety of beats then you should definitely look into subscribing to our membership program. For only 150$/month you will be eligible to download 10 untagged beats a month. Each beat comes with the Standard Lease license. For more info & purchases click here.

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Mixing & Mastering

  You already have a song recorded but you need somebody to polish up your vocals? Look no further! We also offer mixing & mastering services. Simply set an order and in it include the necessary things such as the beat, main vocals, background vocals, adlibs etc. all as separate stems. If you have any […]

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Beat Store

We offer a big variety of Rap, Trap & R&B beats in all kinds of moods ready for recording. Not only are our beats affordable but they can also be customized just for you! If you found a beat you like but you would like to tweak a small detail, just contact us on Instagram […]

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